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Basic Guide-for Ragnarok Online RPE, In this packet you will find following:1. A Tutorial (what in detail you will find below)2. rPE - redox packet editor3. 2 Example FilterWhat is this tutorial aboutrPE is a new packet sniffer coded by redox which gives you more possibilities than WPE. In this tutorial i will show you how to create a filter that allows you to auto hide when someone ist casting a skill on you or attacks you by an normal attack. So you will automatically cast hide/cloack/chase walk without hitting any key. Certainly you need to have one of these skills!You can use this for any skill with cast time. You can also make an Asura-dodge Filter. If the dex of your enemy is low enough it is possible to hide before your enemy can finish his asura casting on you. I have testet it on namelessRO High Rate server with an lvl 255 champ without any donation items. so you guys will have a good chance to dodge asura on lower server and of course on offical server.

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rPE tutorial

rPE is for spamming skills using filters.


1. rPE Software 2. Custom Filter.

Follow these steps

1. First, open the rPE client and Ragnarok client
2. Then after opening the rPe, PRESS “select process à open process” then select RO Client
3. Now, on the menus select , Extras à Filter à Custom Filter and a new window will pop up
4. Then press the File à Load à and choose/select what filter you want to use.
5. Now that you already loaded the filter, there are two values from the filter that you need to adjust/change for spamming “for i := 1 to 50 do //” this i:= value can increase your rate of spamming.

for i := 0 to 5 do // the number how often this packet should be send
sleep(7); // delay you can choose however you like (time in ms)

(NOTE: You must adjust the spamming rate properly, because if you go too high you’ll get Disconnected.)

6. Now, press "build" to compile your filter. 7. Close the Window But not “rPE” then Press the Start Button named “Active Normal Filter”

Now you’re all set and ready to go. Enjoy.

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